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MedWrite International is a visionary strategic whole food plant-based nutrition, company that offers tailored solutions designed to meet the needs of blue-chip national and international companies, international food manufacturers, the general public and especially private residents.

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Since 1999 we have been partnering with organizations and individuals to develop and execute cutting-edge programs.

Extensive experience in the science behind nutrition

Nurturing Smarter Eating and Healthy Lifestyle

Interested in learning more about nurturing wellness? Nurturing nutrition and healthy living has been a long-time interest and mission of Tim’s. “I believe in nurturing the long term benefits that are derived from consuming healthy organic plant based whole foods that are produced using techniques that are earth-friendly and am passionate about nutrition and lifestyle education that leads to long term
sustainable health and well-being!”

A Connecticut-based nutritional scientist and physician/scientist professional at MedWrite International, Inc., Dr. Bayley has extensive experience in the development and measurement of evidence-based education for healthcare professionals and the general public.

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