International Medical Marketing and Communications

International Medical Marketing and Communications

The world is transforming into a global village. The Internet, computers, and other advanced digital technologies have made communication and cooperation across oceans and borders not only possible, but desirable. Medical experts from many traditions and cultures are interested in coming together to share ideas. Pharmaceutical companies are manufacturing abroad in order to maximize product quality while keeping costs down. Practitioners are eager to learn about the latest medical breakthroughs to better treat their patients. Communication is the key to achieving objectives such as these.

The core obstacle to accurate communications is understanding, particularly for industries where new, specialized technologies need to be communicated and interpreted accurately. Medical communications present unique challenges. Every detail must be interpreted completely and precisely. Simple text translation is not enough. In order to effectively communicate, professionals must be able to present information in ways that are agreeable to the targeted audience. Understanding the culture, the subtleties of the language, the rules of conversation and discourse – every element must be considered for communications to be successful.

MedWrite International is committed to accurate and successful cross-cultural medical communications. Our team of specialists has planned and executed international medical meetings and worked with professionals around the globe to market new products and biomedical technologies. Our experience makes us experts in the dance of communicating critical medical information across cultures.

Navigating legal policies, securing travel arrangements, managing currency issues, scheduling conference calls across multiple time zones, and interacting with people from varying educational and cultural backgrounds are just some of the details involved with successful international medical marketing communications. Whether the task involves planning an international medical conference in China, marketing a new product to physicians and healthcare professionals in Japan, or working with a German research company to publish scientific data, MedWrite has the experience, finesse, and proficiency required to address every cross-cultural barrier, to execute strategic, comprehensive medical marketing programs, and to accurately communicate medical information to international audiences.

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