Medical Device Marketing

Medical Device Marketing

Marketing medical devices, such as implantable cardiac or orthopedic devices, presents a unique set of challenges for manufacturers. While manufacturers can expertly expound the technical specifications of their medical devices, they often lack the savvy needed to translate that information into a strategic and comprehensive benefits analysis for marketing purposes.

When working to secure funding from investors, training sales people or marketing to the end-user it is not enough to speak of the technical design of or materials used to make the medical device. Manufacturers must also know their audience and develop marketing messaging that is suited to the purpose of those communications. Investors must understand the long term implications and expected ROI of the medical devices. Sales teams must be fully educated on the medical device’s R&D process, the competitive environment, the reputation and history of the manufacturer, the needs and decision-making authority of the end-user, and the technical features of the medical device, as well as the value propositions derived by those features. The buyer, whether it is a surgeon, department head, or hospital administrator, must be persuaded to choose this medical device over competitive products and must be convinced that this medical device will result in positive outcomes and improved quality of life for patients.

Targeted, intuitive messaging is crucial to achieve the goals of the marketing efforts. However, there are also other questions that must be answered for medical device marketing to be successful:

  • What are the most effective vehicles for marketing medical devices (print advertising, interactive web-based tools, Continuing Medical Education (CME) programs, email marketing, etc.)?
  • How can a manufacturer make the most out of it’s – sometimes limited – marketing budget?
  • Where will the medical devices be marketed and are there any legal considerations specific to that geographic area?
  • When is the optimum time period for marketing these medical devices – are there seasonal issues or buying cycles to consider?
  • Will marketing messaging promote the corporate branding or individual product lines?
  • Are there ethical issues specific to this medical device that must be addressed?
  • Does the manufacturer have the in-house resources necessary to manage and evaluate all aspects of medical device marketing, or is assistance from an outside agency needed?

Successful medical device marketing takes specialized experience and knowledge of the industry. Without a clear plan strategically designed for marketing medical devices, those marketing efforts will fall short of expectations.

MedWrite International understands the challenges of medical device marketing. Our expert staff has the knowledge and experience needed to develop a strategic marketing communications plan that meets your needs. Whether you are looking for medical device consulting services to develop targeted marketing messaging or improve the training of your sales team, a collaborative partner to augment existing marketing efforts, or a full service agency to manage all aspects of medical device marketing, MedWrite has the proficiency and resources necessary to help you achieve your marketing goals.

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