Organic Foods Marketing

Organic Foods Strategic Marketing and Communications

The “Go Green” trend is quickly gaining momentum. Law makers are actively working to pass legislation that promotes the development of green energy sources, manufacturers are researching technologies that can be used to produce new biodegradable products, and USDA certified organic foods are increasingly finding their way into every home.

More than other green initiatives, the demand for organic foods has soared in recent years. With the implementation of new federal requirements for labeling of natural and organic foods, and the growing research that suggests links between foods produced using antibiotics, hormones, pesticides, irradiation or bioengineering and illnesses such as cancer, Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease, consumers are gaining confidence in the quality and benefits of organic foods and increasingly rejecting their conventionally produced counterparts. As young people grow up consuming organic foods and learn to accept them as healthier and more eco-friendly, the organic foods industry will continue to gain market share.

Nutrition and healthy living has been a long-time interest and mission of MedWrite International. “We believe in the long term benefits that are derived from consuming organic foods that are produced using techniques that are earth-friendly. We understand the challenges specific to organic foods marketing, education, public relations, research, advertising and communications, and we are passionate about promoting products that lead to long term sustainable health and well-being,” says Timothy M Bayley, CNC, BS, MS, Chairman.

MedWrite is a full service communications agency that specializes in organic food marketing and communications. We collaborate with national and international food manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, universities, hospitals, healthcare organizations, publishing houses, and government agencies to develop comprehensive marketing strategies that carefully communicate precise medical and scientific information, tailoring messages to each audience that influences a product’s market penetration. Whether your needs include organic foods marketing or comprehensive, strategic business communications, MedWrite has the experience and in-depth industry knowledge necessary to develop and execute strategies that will effectively reach your target audience and support your business objectives.

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