Pr Nutrition Communications

Pr Nutrition Communications

MedWrite International Offers Comprehensive Medical Communications Services to Companies in the Nutrition Industry

Connecticut-based Medical Communications Agency Adds Nutrition Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations to Service Portfolio

SOUTH KENT, Conn. — January 19, 2011 — MedWrite International, Inc., a strategic medical communications agency with extensive experience in the planning, development and execution of medical meetings, scientific publishing and brand commercialization, recently announced the addition of Nutrition Communications, Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations to their service portfolio.

Since 1999, MedWrite has collaborated with domestic and international pharmaceutical companies, food manufacturers, hospitals, universities, government agencies, and publishing houses to deliver clear and accurate medical communications and information in print and electronic media to professional, academic and patient audiences worldwide. Nutrition has been a long-time interest, mission and passion of MedWrite and they have extensive experience in the marketing of nutritional products and programs. Recent projects have included medical writing, custom publishing, meeting planning and management, advertising, branding, and continuing medical education programs in both local and international settings.

“Research has shown that the most effective way to treat obesity, diabetes, heart disease and many other chronic illnesses and conditions is to develop a holistic medical treatment plan that features a comprehensive nutritional strategy,” said Timothy Bayley, President and CEO of MedWrite. “Over the years, MedWrite has had the pleasure of collaborating with many different medical organizations on the promotion of nutritional products and treatment strategies. MedWrite is excited to offer organizations in the nutrition industry the opportunity to leverage our experience to successfully overcome obstacles, fulfill marketing objectives and increase practitioners’ knowledge of how nutrition can positively impact patient outcomes.”

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MedWrite International is a strategic medical communications agency offering medical event management, strategic planning, medical product branding, continuing medical education and medical writing services to medical device manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, food manufacturers, hospitals, universities, government agencies, healthcare organizations and publishing houses worldwide. Visit to learn more about MedWrite International.

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